Scarlet Vixen


Scarlett Vixen is 21-year-old, currently with the GOGOFX Canada company and is a student at Dance FX school of dance. With experience in competitive Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Burlesque, Hip-Hop in Heels, and GoGo dance. Scarlett has won several first-place awards with her previous dance work with her hip-hop teams, VGO and Five7, with award-winning choreographer Ryan Morrissette. Scarlett started dancing in ballet at a young age and then moved into gymnastics for the next 9 years and back into dance around age 15. She found passion in expressing herself through the way she moves to music. Scarlett has joined GOGOFX to promote positivity towards embracing women’s bodies and what they’re capable of. Scarlett is truly passionate about what she does, she finds is exhilarating to become someone else completely through dance and music, to be able to transform through dance. In addition to her dance background, Scarlett is also modeling, doing promotional events and videos, and more. Scarlett may appear shy in exterior but don’t let it fool you when the music comes on, the true vixen appears.

If you would like to see more of Scarlett, or better known as Vixen, contact Cierra Morrissette or for more information and bookings.

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