Venever Vice


Venever V!CE has been into music since she was young, putting on talent shows with her younger sister Andy and her best friend Mya. During her childhood, music was her Happy Place (it is still, in fact!!). She grew up in a small town with very little money and a single-parent household, so when kids made fun of her for being different, music was her best friend. It has had — and still does have — such a positive impact on her life. It has been her constant. It is her goal to give to others what music gave to her and to share this with the world.

V’s talent for songwriting, singing, dancing, modelling and performing is evident the second you hear or just lay eyes on her. There is a rawness, a realness that jumps down your throat, tugs at your heartstrings and lets you FEEL whatever emotion you need to express. For me, mixed emotions rise and I don’t even have a word to put to it, I just acknowledge the pure emotions her voice, her dance moves, her lyrics, her presence make it OKAY to feel. Her own vulnerability And happy self allows you to be vulnerable and blissfully happy. This is such a damn beautiful thing to experience.

Finally, V is always doing SOMETHING for everyone else. She is so hardworking and lives with ferocity. She has the potential to take over the world with her dancing and voice alone.

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Coming Soon