Go Go Dancers

Dancers (20 mins of each hour) are performance – in between sets each should be given the opportunity to increase liquor sales and make tips by selling shots or running “Beer Tubs” this helps with there fan base by generating a dynamic interaction with your costumers.

Dancers (30 min of each hour) – Does not include additional duties

Our Gogo dancers will help you create your overall club persona & Vibe. We will generate passion and excitement in your event or club and even create buzz about the total experience and bring greater sales and profits.

Who doesn’t love to watch Beautiful, confident, energetic GOGO dancers? Having a very talented line up of logo dancers at your club or event will help raise energy and popularity! GOGO FX only hires the best dancers that work hard and love what they do!

GOGO FX makes a point to interview and screen every dancer /model before allowing them to join the company ensuring their personality, style and experience meet our expectations and the expectations of our clients.

When you book one of our talented Dancers, they will provide you with a sexy and impressive performance at your event.

The Dancers are available for Night Clubs, Raves and Festivals, Private Parties and many more events.

We make it easy by us helping you book our dancers, once there, our Dancers will get the crowd and party going.

Our dancers look amazing and love to interact with the crowd!

We hire only the best dancers to make sure your event has a top-rated performer that can professionally work your event and keep everyone entertained.

Festival & Rave GOGO Dancers

Festival promoters or Rave/ Event Organizers already know the key importance of having the right Go Go Dancers for your event. Setting a high energy and performance to make sure your event is a huge success.
Give us a call or message to inquire about hiring some of our amazing talent!!

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